Our History

Contemporary Family Services, Inc. (CFS) was founded in 1997 by its sole-owner Dr. John L. Monroe, Jr. with the vision to provide a holistic and seamless system of services that are responsive to the social, psychological, emotional, cultural, and biological needs of children, youth, adults and families. This bio psychosocial framework fosters personal growth and facilitates sustainable change through a strengths-based paradigm of treatment. Dr. John L. Monroe, Jr., a recent graduate and clinical practitioner serving underserved populations in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, witnessed the need for operational service delivery and the increasing need for behavioral health services not just in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, but also in Shreveport, Louisiana, which is his hometown. Contemporary Quality Care, LLC, a subsidiary of Contemporary Family Services, Inc. was established in 2002 in Shreveport, Louisiana.

Stemming from its mandate that any youth can change and develop a positive set of values if a comprehensive system of care for the youth is developed and executed, Dr. Monroe grew CFS to become the State of Maryland’s premier foster care placement agency with specialization in serving youth with severe emotional, behavioral, medical and psychological conditions. We hold the view that the service delivery must be coordinated and that an effective network of local resources, which communicate among themselves, is an essential component of effective service delivery. We work in partnership with various systems including behavioral health, child welfare, judiciary, community health, education and others, with the common goal of creating a successful outcome for the children, youth, adults and families served.

We maintain a culture that is transparent, open and our Chief Executive Officer, Dr. John L. Monroe, Jr. is fully accessible. We focus on improving family interactions to nurturing change and developing to improve client’s mental health. The burden of mental health disorders on health and productivity has long been underestimated. Assessing the needs of our served population, Contemporary Family Services, Inc. became a Psychiatric Rehabilitation Provider (PRP) and subsequently an Outpatient Mental Health Clinic (OMHC) in the State of Maryland. We currently maintain offices in Baltimore, Maryland; Germantown, Maryland; and Hyattsville, Maryland. Our Shreveport, Louisiana office is also an Outpatient Mental Health Clinic. Our culturally diverse team of employees is dynamic, well trained, valued and is a critical component to our success.

Our work has resulted in positive change. As a result of CFS efforts, we became licensed in the District of Columbia as a Core Services Agency (2013), Supported Employment Provider (2014) Free Standing Mental Health Clinic (2014) as well as a Mental Health Community Residential Facility (2014). In support of our person-centered treatment plans, many of our clients have sought care with us and are enjoying fulfilling and productive lives in their community. Our treatment plans are designed to promote social, emotional and behavioral wellness by addressing the needs and building upon the strengths as noted in the client’s psychosocial assessment. Our continuous goal is to foster growth and facilitate change among the individuals and families we serve through an evidence-based, client-centered and results-driven treatment paradigm.

At Contemporary Family Services, Inc., it’s not just about what we do, but how we do what we do that matters. We believe that individuals and families can have successful outcomes. By focusing on client’s abilities and strengths, each client can in turn recognize their inherent capacity to become the agents of change.


The mission of Contemporary Family Services, Inc. is to be the premier strengths-based provider of holistic and seamless systems of care for the individuals and families we serve. We seek to address the various social, psychological, and psychiatric treatment needs of children, youth, adults, and families in a culturally competent manner. Our continuum of care fosters personal growth for our clients and communities through accessible, comprehensive, and preventive services. We aim to improve the lives of our clients by implementing evidence-based intervention strategies.


Our vision is to establish an integrated holistic service delivery system that provides targeted, effective opportunities for success in an effort to improve the outcomes of all of the individuals and families we serve.

The Charge: “Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths.” Proverbs 3:5-6


Our values represent the objectives of our mission statement and vision.


We value and welcome individuals from diverse backgrounds and their varied experiences. We work hard to assure that our staff, planning processes, and programs are respectful and responsive to the needs of diverse populations and families.


We will evaluate, monitor, and improve our services, as we are accountable to our stakeholders. We believe in continuous quality improvement in order to enhance programmatic and administrative abilities to meet and exceed the needs of our clients.


We deliver care that embraces each client’s values, culture, language, abilities, and rights. At every level, the highest standard of excellence and professionalism is expected of all persons acting on behalf of the organization.


We develop mutually respectful relationships at every level through meaningful, effective communication and genuine consideration for each individual.


We build staff skills and abilities while encouraging creativity and accountability to meet and exceed the present and future needs of our clients. Staff, contractors, foster families, interns, and volunteers must be models of excellence in all phases of their work, meet professional standards of competency, and work in compliance with state law.


We advocate on behalf of our clients, speak out for those whose voices are not heard, and provide community leadership and education for client issues and concerns.


We are committed to the highest standards of moral and ethical principals.

About the CEO

Dr. John L. Monroe, Jr.
Chief Executive Officer

Contemporary Family Services, Inc. was founded in 1997 by Dr. John L. Monroe Jr. who has served as Chief Executive Officer since its inception. Dr. Monroe has a long history in social welfare beginning with his role as a psychiatric aide in a state mental health hospital many years ago to owner of a private mental health facility. His passion has always centered on helping the underserved, as well as advocating for those in need.

Dr. John L. Monroe, Jr. hails from Shreveport, Louisiana and holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Rehabilitation Psychology from Southern University A&M College, a Masters degree in Social Work from Grambling State University, and a Doctorate in Social Work from Howard University. As CEO, he is responsible for providing strategic direction for all CFS locations and entities. Dr. Monroe is committed to Contemporary Family Services Inc, its families and the children it exists to protect and nurture. He enjoys making himself available any time, to any family or child in need and feels the agency continues to thrive and grow because he is walking in his purpose.

Message from the CEO

Ethics and integrity have been cornerstones of Contemporary Family Services, Inc. since our inception in 1997. Because we embrace a position of leadership in the community, we steadfastly uphold the fundamental principles of fairness, honesty, and common sense practices.

These key elements are at the heart of our company’s philosophy, values, and corporate standards. Strong business ethics are the foundations of our relationships with employees, contractors, competitors, consumers, suppliers, and colleagues.

Kind Regards,

Dr. John L. Monroe, Jr.